One car-free day won’t clean Delhi air, stop trucks, diesel-vehicles

A single car-free day in Delhi is a good gesture, but mere tokenism will not work, environmentalists feel. Simply keeping cars off roads for...
Narendra Modi addressing at the India Pavilion, at COP21 Summit, in Paris

Address of Modi at India Pavilion at COP21, Paris

Prime Minister Narendra delivered the following speech on November 30 inaugurating the India pavilion at Paris Climate summit or COP21 in France. is re-producing...

Obama steals the show at G20, but may face heat at home

At G20 in Brisbane, Australia, President Obama committed $US3 billion to the new international fund that aims to support the world’s poorest countries while...
global warming

CO2 impact on global warming underestimated

The rise in carbon dioxide (CO2) levels would have more catastrophic impact on the climate than currently estimated, suggests new research. The researchers found that...
Manfred Weber, chairman of the EPP Group

Paris climate talks can show green development is win-win

Manfred Weber, chairman of the EPP Group, on how Paris climate talks can prove green development is a win-win for the participating nations. ...
Paris Climate summit November 30

Paris climate deal: Song of a dying swan?

The singular credit for conceiving and championing the Nuclear Security Summits unarguably goes to US President Barack Obama. In 2009, he called nuclear terrorism...

Green technologies can save airlines $250 billions

A new green-related technologies developed and refined by NASA’s aeronautics researchers during the past six years can help commercial airlines save more than $250...

IRENA on Paris Agreement: Turning commitments to action must start now

Adnan Z. Amin, director-general, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), has issued the following statement upon the entry into force of the Paris Agreement: “IRENA welcomes...
Kochi solar city master plan

Why Indian cities must go for low-carbon energy

As India urbanises at a rapid pace, there's a daunting challenge in balancing higher energy use with a development model that is not fossil...
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Gates’ foundation has invested $1.4 billion in fossil fuel cos

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the charity run by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and wife Melinda, has investments to the tune of $ 1.4...




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