Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle

Kia Motors Soul EV

EVEN Electric launches world’s first global sales and distribution network for electric vehicles

EVEN Electric is the world’s first global sales and distribution network for electric vehicle transportation. Launched in Ottawa, ON, EVEN offers multi-brand new and pre-owned...

Honda develops first motor for hybrid cars without rare earth metals

Japanese car manufacturer Honda Motor together with Daido Steel has developed the first ever engine for hybrid cars without using dysprosium and terbium --...
Public EV Charging

Duke Energy offers $1mn to fund North Carolina EV charging stations

Duke Energy has launched $1 million EV Charging Infrastructure Support Project to help cities and towns develop public charging stations for North Carolina residents. Under...
IKEA installs 3 Blink EV charging stations at Nevada

IKEA installs 3 Blink EV charging stations at Nevada

IKEA, a home furnishings retailer, in partnership with Car Charging Group, has installed three Blink electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at its Las Vegas, Nevada...

Growth in electric vehicles sales central to closing emissions gap: WEC

Electric vehicles (EVs) will need to increase their combined market share to 16 percent by 2020 to achieve the aggressive fuel economy standards set...

Mahindra launches its first electric sedan

Automobile manufacturer Mahindra Electric on Thursday launched its first all-electric, zero-emissions sedan -- eVerito. According to the company, the D2 variant of the sedan is...

Electric vehicle revenue will hit $58 billion in 2021

The size of the global electric vehicle revenue will be $58 billion in 2021, more than five times its market value in 2015, said ABI...
Tesla Model S electric vehicle

Tesla Motors to launch electric car in India

Luxury electric car maker Tesla Motors, the facility of which Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited in Silicon Valley last year, has identified India as...

Electric buses earn 82% more profit than diesel vehicles

Electric buses generate 27 percent more revenue and 82 percent more profits than diesel buses per day, according to an Indian Institute of Science...

Hybrid and electric vehicles sales to grow to 17 mn by 2020

Juniper Research forecasts that nearly 17 million hybrid and electric vehicles will be on the road by 2020, up from an estimated 12 million last...




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