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Digby Port projected for tidal energy growth

Digby Port Days is planning to promote the town as Nova Scotia’s Renewable Energy Port, reports The Chronicle Herald. Digby […]
Posted On 09 Sep 2014
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ABB to provide grid connection to MeyGen tidal stream project

ABB, has achieved a contract from Atlantis Resources to provide onshore grid connection for the MeyGen tidal stream project Phase […]
Posted On 18 Aug 2014
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Tidal and wave power sites approved by Crown Estate

Tidal and wave energy testing sites off the west coast of Anglesey and south Pembrokeshire have been approved by the […]
Posted On 03 Aug 2014
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Carnegie Wave Energy to get $3.2m funding from Australian government

Carnegie Wave Energy, a developer of wave energy technology, announced it will receive $3.2m in grant funding from Australian government […]
Posted On 09 Apr 2014
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ABB invests in tidal turbine company Scotrenewables

Greentech Lead America: ABB on Wednesday said has invested in tidal turbine company Scotrenewables Tidal Power. ABB Technology Ventures (ATV) […]
Posted On 13 Mar 2013
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SDE Energy to develop sea wave power plant in Ecuador

Greentech Lead Middle East: SDE Energy, a provider of technology and solutions to produce electricity from sea waves, has formed […]
Posted On 18 Oct 2012
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BioPower Systems partners with Shanghai Electric to advance bioWAVE ocean wave energy system

Greentech Lead China: BioPower Systems has formed a strategic alliance with major Chinese industrial group, Shanghai Electric Power Generation Group. […]
Posted On 17 Oct 2012
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SDE builds second sea wave power plant in China

Greentech Lead Asia: SDE, a sea wave energy technology provider, announced that it is nearing the completion of the second sea wave power plant […]
Posted On 21 Aug 2012
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SDE to develop sea wave power plants in El Salvador

Greentech Lead America: SDE, a sea wave energy technology provider, has signed a strategic alliance with El Salvador’s El Esplendor to […]
Posted On 31 Jul 2012
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Siemens Canada and NB Power to develop Smart Grid program for the province

Greentech Lead America: Siemens and NB Power, the electricity provider inNew Brunswick, announced a multi-year Smart Grid Reduce and Shift Demand (RASD) […]
Posted On 27 Jul 2012
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