Smart Grid Norway uses SkySpark analytics platform for real time data collection and analytics

Greentech Lead Europe: SkyFoundry, a provider of software solutions for the “Internet of Things,” announced that Smart Grid Norway has adopted the SkySpark analytics platform as part of their family of solutions that cover all parts of the grid operations from production to consumption.

Smart Grid Norway provides intelligent solutions for measuring, collecting, processing, communication, and visualization of energy related data and events. The company helps large power users, power producers, and grid operators improve energy and operational efficiency with a range of smart grid solutions.

Smart Grid Norway will utilize SkySpark for real time data collection and automated analytics to detect important patterns in the data that represent faults, anomalies, and opportunities for improved operations and cost reduction.

“By integrating SkySpark analytics into our complete system solution, we take a big step further in utilizing big data for effective energy flow and use. Working together with our data-processing and monitor unit SmartGuard, we are using real-time data to improve energy efficiency and facility management for our customers,” said Geir Aksdal, managing director at Smart Grid Norway.

Smart Grid Norway delivers complete monitoring solutions for distribution and provides telecommunications for both the production and transmission portion of the network.

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