Sol Voltaics doubles PV conversion efficiency

Photovoltaic nanomaterial

Sol Voltaics, Sweden, claims to have doubled the photovoltaic (PV) conversion efficiency of panels.

The company has announced that it has achieved the result using gallium-arsenide nanowire array.

Sol Voltaics’ claim that it has achieved 1-sun conversion efficiency of 15.3 percent in a GaAs NWA solar cell has reportedly been verified by an independent source, Fraunhofer-ISE, the largest solar research institute in Europe.

“GaAs nanowires are critical components of our low-cost film. The use of III-V materials in the PV industry has always been a goal but the costs have been prohibitive. Using Sol Voltaic’s Aerotaxy nanowire production methodology allows our III-V film to be produced at competitive cost and offering high efficiency,” Erik Smith, the CEO of Sol Voltaics said. The company is looking at improving efficiencies o up to 27 percent.

The first commercially applicable solar cells were produced in 1959. They had an efficiency of 10 percent. Today, improvement of technology is at a much faster rate primarily because the available computing resources are vast.

Sol Voltaics makes nanomaterials and nanowire material to enhance solar panel products.

These wires are like antennae embedded in a film so that they can absorb sunlight and generate electricity.

Ajith Kumar S

[email protected]