EverEnviro’s Bio Gas Plant in Indore Reaches Full Operational Capacity

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EverEnviro Resource Management, a Compressed Bio Gas (CBG) developer in India, said its Indore Clean Energy Project has reached full operational capacity.

The CBG facility in Indore, inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2022, is India’s largest MSW-based CBG facility. Indore is the cleanest city in India.

The project, transforming from a site previously laden with 200,000 metric tonnes (MT) of waste, is operating in a Public-Private Partnership with the Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC). The plant supports the city’s environmental strategy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. It provides a renewable energy source, offering a cleaner fuel for both residential and commercial sectors in Indore.

In recent months, the facility has achieved a consistent production rate of nearly 15 tonnes per day (TPD) of compressed biogas (CBG), reaching a milestone with its highest single-day CBG production of 18 tonnes in March 2024.

The bio gas plant processes 550 MT of organic waste each day. This daily treatment of segregated organic material has resulted in reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, cutting up to 70,000 metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent (tCO2eq), enhancing the environmental quality of the region’s 4.3 million inhabitants.

The plant has the capability to generate 17 tonnes of biofuel and 40 MT of organic fertilizer daily. Over the next two decades, it is projected to avert the accumulation of more than 4 million tonnes of waste. The integration of CBG into the network of Avantika Gas (AGL) in Indore has facilitated a shift to eco-friendly fuel for roughly 15,000 households.

EverEnviro’s CBG output is now fuelling the city buses managed by the Indore Municipal Corporation, marking a significant step towards greener public transport options.

Mahesh Girdhar, MD and CEO of EverEnviro, said, “EverEnviro remains committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainable energy production. We take pride in setting new standards for efficiency, investing in global resources and innovation, and establishing a value proposition for the industry.”

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