Himark BioGas in pact with NEO Energy for biogas plants

Himark BioGas has signed an agreement with NEO Energy for the design, construction, and operation of three integrated anaerobic digestion and fertilizer plants in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

According to this agreement, Himark BioGas will be the technology licensor and representative on behalf of NEO Energy. AD plants recycle food waste that produces organic-based fertilizer as well as renewable electricity.

AD plants are designed by Himark BioGas and have patented IMUS technology that can produce renewable energy and pathogen-free fertilizer from waste products like ethanol, slaughter waste, food, agriculture and cow manure.

In addition, the IMUS technology can manage feedstock that has large amounts of sand, dirt, rocks, plastic, and cellulose. Himark BioGas ensures electricity, gas and fertilizer outputs with its turnkey cost designs for all kinds of feedstock. AD plants are further integrated with the client’s processes for a short- and long-range profitability.

The anaerobic digestion plants owned by NEO Energy recycles food waste eliminated from supermarkets and restaurants by removing from landfills. They produce organic fertilizer with a consideration of greenhouse gas production and renewable energy.

Shane Chrapko, CEO, Himark BioGas, stated, “The development of the anaerobic digestion plants will contribute to effective food waste recycling, profitable pathogen-free fertilizer production, energy self-sufficiency and a reduction in carbon emissions. Each ton of food waste diverted from the landfill will reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by just over one ton equivalent of carbon.”

After the implementation of commercial food waste disposal ban in Massachusetts and the compulsory recycling of food residuals in Rhode Island starting from 2016, more business investment are expected on waste processing segment.

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