LNK establishes their fifth biogas plant in Ukarine

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LNK, supported by American investment has installed their fifth biogas power facility to Ukraine.

Already they are operating four facilities in war-torn Ukraine providing sufficient green domestic energy helping them to gain more sustainable energy independence, which are now relying on gas supply from Russia.

The first biogas power plant was built by LNK on a landfill in the Kiev province of Ukraine back in 2011.


A biogas power plant is a small but prime step towards Ukrainian energy independence, commented Geoffrey Pyatt, U.S. ambassador to Ukraine during the opening ceremony.

This shows the confidence of American investors in Ukraine and Kiev province prospects as an investment place. In US, 636 such plants operate catching over one million cubic meters of methane per day donating to the US energy independence, added Pyatt.

At present, Ukraine needs an effective implementation of the principles of sustainable development in the energy sector. The only way to avoid the destructive reliance on Russia is develop a new model of energy supply for the country, said, Vitali Davij, president, Ukraine’s Renewable Energy Association.

Moreover, LNK will help to reduce the methane emissions as outlined in the Kyoto Protocol, adopted by the UN Framework Convention and signed by Ukraine.

Considering the present scenario, to find investors in Ukraine are difficult. We are grateful to those who believe in the future of Ukraine and invest money. This is a crucial action in solving environmental challenges of Kiev region, said Vitali Klitschko, Mayor of Kiev.

Besides, LNK is adapting landfill degassing technology and the yielded biogas is utilized by electricity generation, allowing solving an environmental impact and supplying electricity to the energy market of Ukraine.

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