Thailand biogas and biomass market gets a boost from govt.

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The market for biogas and biomass in Thailand is expected to reach installed capacity of 4,750 MW by 2022, says a new report from Ken Research.

The market momentum is driven by the increased concern for environment and increased dependency for energy on neighboring countries.

The market got support from the government through implementation and amendments of regulatory norms to push the use of biogas and biomass as alternative fuel. Increased demand for energy and rise in awareness about clean energy among the people has promoted the development of biogas and biomass industry.

North-Eastern part of Thailand is the biggest market for biogas generating companies accounting for majority of the market in 2017, swiftly followed by Central and Southern provinces. Heavy presence of a number of host industries was the key driver. For biomass North- Eastern part of Thailand was the largest contributors. It was followed by Central Thailand.

Thailand biogas and biomass market is expected to grow by 10 percent and 4 percent respectively during the period 2017-2022, the report said. Improving technology and rising awareness about benefits of biogas and biomass for society as whole are expected to have positive impact on the demand.

Image courtesy: Biteco Biogas

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