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climate change protest in Amsterdam image by abc.net.eu

World’s hottest start-up out of the incubator in Marrakech

In December 2015, undeterred by the miserable failure of the Kyoto Protocol, world negotiators had come together once again to innovate in crafting a...
Paris Climate Talks

Economic Survey reflects India’s climate change commitments

Comparing India's high carbon pricing to other developing and developed countries, the Economic Survey 2016-17 on Tuesday reflected the country's commitment to tackle the...
Michael Dent, Managing Director Inprova Energy

Taking climate change action out of political slow lane

While governments get their act together on climate change, businesses can step into the breach by thinking energy efficiency first, says Michael Dent, managing...

COP22: Global Peatlands Initiative launched to protect peatlands

At UN’s COP22 in Marrakech, the Global Peatlands Initiative was launched with an aim to mobilize governments, international organizations and academia in a targeted...
US emissions from energy

Maharashtra starts industry rating to check emissions

In a first in India, industries in Maharashtra will be on regular monitoring of particulate matter and other air pollutants and they will get...

Carbon footprint management market to be worth USD 12.94bn by 2021

Carbon footprint management market size is expected to grow from USD 7.76 Billion in 2016 to USD 12.94 Billion by 2021, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of...
carbon emission (courtesy:earthtimes)

China satellite to monitor global carbon emissions

China on Thursday launched a global carbon dioxide monitoring satellite via a Long March-2D rocket, authorities said. It was launched at 3.22 a.m. from Jiuquan...
climate change protest in Amsterdam image by abc.net.eu

Are companies doing enough to tackle risks from climate change?

There’s a gap between the way companies identify climate-related risks and opportunities and how they are preparing to tackle them, according to a new...
Science Express Climate Action Special in New Delhi

Top CEOs pledge support for UN Climate Deal

The heads of 78 major multinational companies from India, Brazil, China, Europe and the US have pledged support for the United Nations' Climate Deal...
Climate change summit November 30

Trump impact: World counts on US’ moral obligation at COP22

As the way has been cleared for Republican Donald Trump to become the next US President, delegates attending the COP22 here are counting on...




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