Obama orders 40 pc emissions cut by 2025

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US President Barack Obama has signed an executive order for 40 percent emissions cut by the federal government by 2025.

The order also includes a pledge to increase the share of renewable energy to be used by federal agencies to 30 percent.

A directive issued by the previous administration sought to cut emissions by the federal government by 28 percent before 2020. The reduction was to be based on emission levels as of 2008.

Brian Deese, a senior adviser to the president, said the administration was aiming to cut per-mile emissions from the vehicle fleet of agencies under it by 30 percent. The reduction will mean $18 billion savings on taxpayers’ money, Deese added.

Obama mission to cut emissionChristy Goldfuss, managing director of the US Council on Environmental Quality, said the federal government had cut emissions by 17 percent from the levels in 2008 by the end of last year. He believes the administration is well on the way to meeting the goal set earlier by Obama.

As of 2014, 9 percent of the energy federal government used was from renewable sources. Also US Department of Defense alone is deploying 3 gigawatts of solar energy across its installations around the world by 2025.

With 360,000 buildings and 650,000 vehicles in operation, the federal government is the biggest energy consumer in the US.

According to a White House estimate, the administration can cut greenhouse gas emissions by 26 million metric tons in the next 10 years if the administration and private suppliers to the agency effect emissions cuts.

“These goals will make sure the federal government is leading by example and pushing the envelope on cutting emissions,” Deese said and added that the administration will demonstrate that it was going to keep pushing clean energy and climate change objectives.

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