Siemens Energy halves emissions in its operations

By Editor


Siemens Energy said it improved in almost all areas of sustainability this past year, as reflected in its fiscal year 2022 Sustainability Report.

“Our mission is to support our customers in their transformation to greater sustainability. But this also means we must set a good example and apply the highest standards in our operations,” said Christian Bruch, CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer for Siemens Energy.

Siemens Energy has emitted 21 percent fewer greenhouse gases in fiscal year 2022 than in the previous year. The company has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent since the baseline year 2019 against the original target of 46 percent by 2025. Siemens Energy aims to be completely climate-neutral by 2030.

Siemens Energy uses renewable energy sources for 90 percent of the electricity for its operations against target of 84 percent. Conventional contracts were replaced more quickly by new agreements or supplemented by guarantees of origin, where it was impossible to purchase renewable energy directly from the supplier.

By September 30, 2023, electricity demand is expected to be covered entirely by green energy. Siemens Energy reports emissions in Scope 3 that result from the operation of its own products over the entire life cycle. These account for more than 99 percent of Siemens Energy’s greenhouse gas emissions and represent the most significant challenge to climate neutrality.

In the past year, 46 million metric tons fewer greenhouse gases were emitted in this category (a 3 percent reduction compared to 2021). Overall, there was a 12 percent reduction compared to the 2019 baseline. This is primarily due to the coal phase-out Siemens Energy implemented in 2020.

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