Global trend toward realigning business models to make them environment friendly

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Global trend toward realigning business models to make them environment friendly

Now a
days companies the world over have realized and become conscious that
businesses thrive a great deal not only on financial but also on environmental
feasibility. Realigning the business models with respect to
environmental-sustainability has become a compulsory element of ensuring the
overall sustainability of businesses globally. Industries globally are in a
state of continuous evolution and organizations are recognizing the need for
minimizing energy consumption across their service departments. The implementation
of environment-friendly strategies has increased considerably in the past few

All commercial activities need to
be pursued within the environmental limits of the ecosystems we depend on.
Since most businesses are planned in order to get the most out of it in terms
of profitability, environmental considerations are taken into account only to
the extent that they positively affect profitability.
How companies plan and manage the
transition to a low carbon economy is a crucial determinant of whether
businesses will be able to successfully adapt and make the most of emerging
opportunities. Above all, the challenge is to lay the groundwork for a future
economy in which environmental protection and economic growth are mutually

However, with growing awareness about
environmental conservation and renewed interest generated by various events and
summits, citizens of the earth are sensitive to environment and we are already
seeing a shift in attitude of the consumers when buying.

Environment conservation trends in Indian Telecom/ Networking

In today’s day and age, all the major industries not only
in India but all around the globe are taking steps for the restitution of
environment. There is a sudden stir of upcoming environment conservation trends
in the Indian telecom industries from the past recent years. They have made
sustainable business practices integral to business strategy. As per industry
reports, the Indian telecom industries alone could deliver approximately 7.8
GtCO2e of emission savings in 2020 which represents 15 percent
against estimates from the base line year of 1990. This translates into
approximately US$ 946 billion of cost savings. Hence, this greater realization
of both ecological and economical benefits with increased regulatory pressures
has lead to business houses around the globe to gain the first mover advantage.

market globally is in a state of constant evolution and growth. It is not just
the grave realization of the overall damage that the environment is suffering
from but also, the momentous need for minimizing energy consumption across
their ICT services. There has been a considerable increase in the shift towards
adopting environment-friendly strategies. 
In the past few years, operators and equipment manufacturers have
shifted to more efficient base and switching centers and handsets that consume
less electricity

telecom and network operators and the equipment vendors have embarked on a
series of green initiatives to improve the energy efficiency of telecom
networks and reduce their associated carbon emissions. These efforts include
significant reductions in the electricity, carbon reduction plans, the usage of
renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, working with green network
designs, energy efficient practices for data center operations, greater focus
on recycling and reuse of network equipment and taking initiatives in
generating awareness and providing help in saving the endangered species.

All such endeavors from the
Indian telecom industries today is leading to a green, energy efficient
technology environment, bringing a safer, richer tomorrow.

organization’s present as well as planned green initiatives

most telecom companies are committed to reduce their carbon footprints. We at
Amdocs are constantly working on the implementation of energy efficient and
 infrastructure. We strive to effectively implement Green IT strategies to create a more efficient IT
organization with reduced effects to the environment.

As the interest in protecting the environment
continues to grow amongst us “Amdocs Green” has been constituted by Global
Operations and a team of environmentally aware employees worldwide as part of
our efforts to reduce Amdocs impact on the environment. The recent
accreditation we received – ISO 140001 certification – puts us at the forefront
of environmental management system in the IT industry. Energy efficiency is
another key area that Amdocs has been working on for some time now. Amdocs has
also collaborated with NGO- Greenpeace for various Go Green activities to help
improving employee awareness.

Amdocs offices around the globe recycle used
electrical and electronic equipment. Amdocs India replaced disposable paper
cups/plastic glasses with ceramic mugs and water bottles. Most Amdocs sites now
recycle plastic, paper, cardboard, fluorescent bulbs, batteries and toner
cartridges. Many meeting rooms are equipped with electricity saving motion
detectors, while many more sites will follow suit this year. Initiatives are
underway for further waste reduction and recycling programs which will be
implemented soon.

GREEN IT initiatives undertaken by Amdocs are energy efficient IT, data
center power utilization which helps reducing carbon footprint by 35%, etc. Initiatives like
Tree Plantation drive, Sapplings/Seed distribution,
Pollution under control PUC Camp for employee vehicles, etc are regularly
undertaken in Amdocs to promote the Green culture.

Amdocs does not currently monitor green house
gas emissions generated by third-parties, such as airlines but the company does
realize that business travel, particularly air travel, contributes greatly to
emissions. As a global company, Amdocs does engage in business travel. But for
internal meetings we have implemented advanced communications technologies,
such as a network of videoconferencing facilities, and otherwise minimize
travel as much as possible. The number of Video Conferencing has increased to

increase employee awareness towards the importance of green IT in India, Amdocs
holds a Green Photo Contest. Last time
around 250 employees took part in the campaign and
amazing photos were submitted.
 It’s great to see so many Amdocs employees who care
about the environment and believe in the cause that we are so keenly working
on. We also have contests like “Earth Day” etc
to sustain our employees’ interest and reiterate our commitment towards this


By Anshoo Gaur , Amdocs India Head

[email protected]

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