Nitco’s Biz Park exemplifies green construction

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Nitco\'s Biz Park exemplifies green construction


‘Energy saved is energy generated’ In
a scenario where energy resources are scarce and fragmented across the world, there
has been an emerging need to adopt technologies which are self-sustainable in
nature. In India, a lot of energy is utilized by the construction industry. Given
the spiraling urban growth, the number of buildings, energy consumption and the
resultant carbon emissions is on a rise in the country. Green buildings, being
one such initiative towards reducing environmental impact of buildings, has
gained prominence in the construction industry.

A green building is building in a
way that is socially, economically, environmentally, functionally, and
aesthetically balanced to meet today’s needs and to provide and conserve
resources for future generations. In an endeavor to promote sustainability in
construction, Nitco Biz Park is
designed for meeting the demand of commercial operations in Thane. Nitco Biz
Park is a state-of-the-art environmental friendly building stretched over an
area of over 2 lakh sq ft of plush (office) space. This building is a mark of
its energy efficiency and has been pre-certified by LEED (Leadership in Energy, Environment and Design) certification

Nitco has been proactive in adopting
an environment-friendly and community-friendly approach towards construction,
practically from its inception. Nitco Biz Park is an example of utilizing
renewable materials right from design to sustenance. It is a state of art six-storey
building which is tastefully designed to bring life to corporate space in Thane
and boasts of a beautiful landscaped grand atrium rising three floors high.

Biz Park is in the central location of Thane and is a luscious opportunity for
businesses to house themselves in one of the most conducive environment, it is
located just 1 KM from Mulund check post with easy access to transport and
leisure facilities to enhance convenience of the people working in the offices.
It also has a mid-sized health club, gymnasium, event area with a roof-top
cafeteria with a landscaped party area etc which makes every working day
enjoyable and fun experience


appointed entrance lobby on each floor with imported marble flooring &
cladding, it has high ceilings which is four meters floor to floor height. This
state of the art building has Video Conferencing facility available for the
tenants of the buildings with 7 high speed gearless elevators and offers ample
car parking space.

In addition to being environment
friendly, the building is well equipped with modern amenities like hi-tech
security surveillance systems in every corner, dedicated security control room,
an Intelligent Building Management Systems (IBMS) with 100% power backup.

Nitco Biz Park is passionate,
protective and responsible towards nature and the environment as they are
towards the community. This ‘Green Building’ has the following green features:


v  * The structure of the building has
been designed so as to rely mainly on natural flow of fresh air as opposed to
fanned ventilation, thereby reducing electricity usage.

v  * The building uses Ozone
friendly& Variable Refrigerated Volume (VRV) air-conditioning, which is 25%
more energy-efficient which leads to a savings of appx Rs. 15 per sq ft per

v  * The building is a sustainable site
and water efficient in every aspect. It has a common RO Plant – Mineral water
like quality available on the tap

v  * In view of alternative fuel use,
charging points are provided at strategic location in the parking area for
charging of electrically driven vehicles.

Conserving water by re-cycling waste
water through STP, all water required for landscaping and usage of water saving
plumbing fixtures by rain water harvesting


Sustainable Site

v  * Erosion and sedimentation control by
taking precautions to preserve the existing landscape & and soil erosion
during construction by means of well planned storm water drain and stock piling
the top soil for reuse.

v  * In view of alternative fuel use
charging point are provided at strategic location in the parking area for
charging of electrically driven vehicles

v  * By minimizing the use of solar
reflective materials and offering parking space within the building, the “urban
heat island effect” is drastically reduced.

v  * Controlling the surface runoff by
reducing impervious cover and storm water is collected in filtration pit and
then used for recharging the ground water by means of rain water harvesting.

v  * Minimizing the light trespass from the
building to reduce the glare.


Water Efficiency

v  * Building has been provided with
state of art Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) to recycle the waste water.

v  * In order to conserve water, all
water required for landscaping is treated waste water provided by a sewerage
treatment plant.

v * The treated water will also be used
for flushing.

v * Water efficient fixtures such as
automatic taps and sensor urinals are being installed.

v * The dual flush is being used for
controlling the water consumption.


Optimising energy use

v  In order to minimize energy used for
air conditioning, during its development stages, the thermal properties of the
building were analyzed using a complex computer simulation and the structure of
the building was altered accordingly. At the peak conditions the building is
minimum 14% more energy efficient than the normal building.

v  The building uses Variable
Refrigerated Volume (VRV) air-conditioning, which is 25% more energy-efficient
than ordinary “Split AC” systems which gives a savings of app Rs. 15 per sq. ft
per month compared to an normal non green building with ductable AC system.

v  * The building uses low E Double
Glazing to reduce the heat load drastically.

v  * The air-conditioning system uses
zero CFC based eco friendly refrigerant.

v  * The energy design parameters of the
building are calibrated and checked to ensure promised energy efficiency
standards by independent Third Party Auditor.


Indoor Environment:

v  * The structure of the building has
been designed so as to rely mainly on a natural flow of fresh air as opposed to
fanned ventilation, thereby reducing electricity usage.

v  * Low use of VOC (Volatile Organic
Compounds) materials (paints, adhesives & carpets) ensure better health for
the environment as well as the building occupants.

v  * Treated fresh Air Units are provided
with ducting throughout the building to ensure automatic flow of fresh air for

v  * The smoking is proposed to be
prohibited in the building except the designated smoking zones.


Although the initial costs for Green
building is slightly higher than regular construction, the materials used in
such projects have great benefits for corporate owners as well as builders, in
the overall durability and potential cost savings. A green project commercial
or residential is very durable and requires much less work and effort keeping
up with routine and preventative maintenance. In relation, Green building
materials and green home components, like energy star appliances and high
efficiency HVAC units used in green home projects do not typically need repairs
frequently. Green Buildings contribute to water savings and consume
approximately 25% less energy on average as compared to any other commercial


Of all the green initiatives
practiced across India, the increasing urge to construct green buildings can be
termed as a notable move towards a greener future. Like other cities, the
concept of green buildings is gaining momentum in Thane. As an
emerging global city, Thane needs to create urban infrastructure using precious
resources in energy-efficient ways. With green buildings and newer construction
techniques, not only the living experience of residents of Thane will improve
but also bear a positive impact on the environment


With new commercial and residential properties
coming up in Thane, there is an increasing need for developers and builders to
adopt green building practices. Our Nitco Biz Park meets the requirements for a
sustainable building which will boost the real estate sector in Thane and will
create new opportunities 
for people to work and live in Thane.

Mr. Vivek Talwar

Managing Director, NITCO Limited



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