Powerswap to revolutionize electric vehicle charging

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Powerswap, a Swedish start-up, announced an innovative solution for charging electric vehicles.

Unlike the traditional offerings wherein the driver needs to wait for every charging, the new solution offers battery replacement in three minute with the help of a robotic device.

“Our solution is in many ways revolutionary and will change the way we think about EV charging,” says Sten Corfitsen, founder of Powerswap.  ​

The company plans to use the network of the existing refueling infrastructure such as petrol stations. This will eliminate the need for a new infrastructure.

“By installing robotic swap units at petrol stations and parking lots, we will gain a cost-efficient solution for the transition to a dominant electric transport sector,” Corfitsen added.

The use of existing stations makes Powerswap different from the earlier battery swap trials, which required building new swap stations. Powerswap also can handle the swap of batteries from the side, which is more optimal when it comes to automation.

Another trend such a technology could bring is that the EV can be sold without the battery, which will make the price of an EV less than that of a fossil fuel car. The battery will be leased and can be renewed when enhanced technology is available.

Also, stress on the battery is significantly reduced as it gets ample time to get charged during off hours; this will help reduce stress on the grid as well.

Powerswap is a spin-off from Fuelmatics, a company specializing in automatic refueling with liquid fuels.

Rajani Baburajan

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