6K Energy Secures $50 mn DOE Grant for Sustainable Battery Material Production Facility

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6K Energy, a division of 6K, revealed $50 million award from the US Department of Energy’s Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains in a significant leap towards bolstering domestic battery supply chains. This funding is designated for the construction of the PlusCAM battery material production plant, situated in Jackson, TN.

The injection of $50 million, part of the >$200 million required for the construction of the PlusCAM factory, marks a crucial milestone in advancing sustainable battery production in the United States.

The PlusCAM facility aims to revolutionize battery material production by harnessing 6K Energy’s proprietary UniMeltÒ microwave plasma technology for cathode active material (CAM) production. This cutting-edge technology enables 6K Energy to offer CAM for both NMC and LFP chemistries at substantially lower costs compared to Chinese suppliers. Notably, it boasts superior Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics, characterized by significantly reduced energy consumption and emissions, positioning it as a frontrunner in the drive towards sustainable energy solutions.

According to Sam Trinch, President of 6K Energy, “Breaking our reliance on China hinges significantly on the production of CAM. UniMelt plasma stands out as the sole production technology capable of delivering CAM with acceptable ESG standards at costs below those in Asia.”

With negotiations underway for offtake agreements to allocate PlusCAM’s capacity, the $50 million grant propels 6K Energy towards full-scale production, slated to commence in late 2024, meeting the burgeoning demand for CAM in the market.

Aligned with the objectives of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Justice 40 Initiative, Rob Davies, COO for 6K Energy, affirmed, “Our commitment to hiring 40 percent of the workforce from disadvantaged, veteran, disabled, or diverse communities mirrors the spirit of these initiatives. The grant will not only aid in constructing the facility but also facilitate workforce development to ensure a safe and enriching work environment for our employees in Jackson, TN.”

Moreover, the PlusCAM facility, slated for a Q4 2024 opening, is set to become the inaugural sustainable production facility in the US with unparalleled ESG credentials. These include zero hazardous waste production, a 90 percent reduction in water use, minimized energy consumption, and substantially lower carbon emissions compared to conventional production technologies.

Building upon the success of UniMelt technology at 6K Energy’s sister company, 6K Additive, the PlusCAM production plant is poised to cover a 160,000 sq/ft area with an annual capacity of 13kt per annum, encompassing multiple cathode active materials. As recruitment efforts commence in Jackson, TN, the company anticipates employing approximately 230 individuals upon reaching full-scale factory capacity.

In light of these developments, 6K Energy’s strides toward sustainable battery material production serve as a pivotal advancement in fortifying the nation’s supply chain independence and fostering a greener, more efficient energy future.

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