ACE Green Recycling Deploys Zero-Emissions Lead Battery Recycling Technology at ACME Metal in Taiwan

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ACE Green Recycling (ACE) has completed the first phase of its zero-emissions modular lead battery recycling technology at ACME Metal Enterprise’s facility in Keelung City, Taiwan. This marks the second deployment of ACE’s lead battery recycling technology.

ACE has delivered equipment and chemicals to ACME, enabling the production of “GreenLead” in an economically viable manner. ACME Metal Enterprise, a stalwart in Taiwan’s lead recycling industry with over 40 years of operation, is set to become one of the largest producers of emissions-free lead globally, with a capacity to recycle 20,000 metric tonnes per year.

Linus P. Lu, Managing Director of ACME, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The installation of ACE’s lead battery recycling technology at the facility marks an important milestone for ACME as we build our capacity to provide sustainable lead recycling capabilities.”

Lead batteries, crucial in industries such as automotive, telecoms, and renewable power storage, have traditionally been recycled through a smelting process involving high temperatures, leading to significant greenhouse gas emissions and toxic waste. ACE’s room temperature recycling technology replaces the smelting furnace, is electrically powered, emits zero Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions, and reduces solid waste by over 85 percent.

The first phase of the agreement, with a capacity of 2,400 metric tons per annum, was successfully handed over to ACME in December 2023. Phases II and III are set to increase annual capacity to around 20,000 metric tonnes, with completion expected later this year. Over the 10-year contractual duration, these facilities are anticipated to recycle over 14 million scrap batteries, preventing the emission of nearly 120 million kilograms of CO2e and diverting 18 million kilograms of solid waste from landfills.

Nishchay Chadha, CEO of ACE Green Recycling, highlighted the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility, stating, “We develop our carbon-free recycling technologies to meet the industry’s global aspirations to be responsible stakeholders in the mission of meeting net-zero targets.”

This collaboration with ACME underscores ACE’s dedication to the battery market, with sales of GreenLead poised to reach key markets in Taiwan and Japan, including leading battery Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) across Asia.

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