Alliant Energy HQ installs 13 L2 PowerPost EV chargers

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Telefonix, a developer of cord reel technology and manufacturer of PowerPost commercial electric vehicle charging stations (EVSEs), has completed the installation of 13 L2 PowerPost EV chargers at Alliant Energy headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin.

Telefonix PowerPost electric vehicle charging station product line is focused on low current solutions for commercial parking lots or garages where cars are parked for two or more hours.

The installation is part of a solar power technology research program. The project includes the installation of more than three dozen unique renewable energy features over the next few years.

In Phase I of the project, Alliant Energy will install solar power canopies over 50 parking spaces, solar café tables, and over 1,000 solar panels from multiple manufacturers with 11 different types of panels being used.

The 13 PowerPost EV Charging Stations are being powered by the building, but the solar energy generated will offset total building consumption.

Alliant Energy’s project will place solar energy features in various locations, angles and elevations to gather information on the best way to optimize Midwestern solar energy.  A unique interface available both onsite and on the internet will allow anyone to view real-time performance data of the solar lab.

Rajani Baburajan

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