AMP Electric Vehicles qualify for federal tax credit

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AMP Electric Vehicles qualify for federal tax credit

Greentech Lead America: AMP Electric Vehicles has been
qualified by the IRS for the federal tax credit.

“The timing of AMP’s qualifying for the Federal Plug-in
Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit of $7,500, which applies to retail and
fleet buyers, couldn’t be better. Given the recent increase in gas prices and
the low operating cost of an EV, more buyers are turning their attention to EV
alternatives,” said Jim Taylor, CEO of AMP.

Many states offer additional sales tax exemptions and
zero emission tax credits of up to $5,000 that can also be applied to the
purchase. AMP is taking reservations for their all-electric vehicles at their
online site.

“After the tax credit, an AMP EV buyer can drive an
all-electric SUV for as little as $49,900, a very competitive price for an EV.
When our buyers compare AMP’s SUVs to other smaller EV offerings they will be
very impressed,” said Dana Hackney, owner of AMP of Cincinnati dealership.

AMP recently received numerous great reviews following
the Detroit Auto Show press events, including Consumer Reports, citing that
electric power isn’t just for little city cars.

AMP is strategically targeting their electrification at
the OEM SUV and Commercial Medium Duty Vehicle markets. AMP customer sales will
be from both the consumer and fleet markets. The company was founded in 2007 by
entrepreneurs who have created several hi-tech companies and is currently
comprised of top automotive industry veterans and business executives.

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