Apple job postings indicate efforts on electric car project Titan

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While Apple’s electric vehicle could still be some time away, the company continues to post jobs related to car experience, road safety and strengthening wireless technologies & ecosystem (WTE).

The US-based company posted multiple such jobs in 2020 in a bid to scale research and development, according to GlobalData.

“GlobalData’s Job Analytics database shows that Apple made specific job postings that closely relate to developing proprietary software and battery technology. Additionally, with the recruitment of ex-Tesla employees over the past few years, Apple is in a better place than ever to know the best step forward for its ambitious electric cars project,” Ajay Thalluri, business fundamentals analyst at GlobalData, said in a report.

Apple’s Special Project Group (SPG) is a way through which the company works on innovative projects that can be scaled in the future. In 2020, over 300 SPG job postings were posted with such jobs including key roles that indicate working on battery power management, road safety and car experience.

Apple posted jobs such as Sr. Power Systems Engineer – SPG for low-voltage power management and distribution system; EMC Design Engineer (Power Electronics) – SPG to suppress noise on converters and energy storage applications; and Cell Characterization Engineer – SPG to drive the development and realization of innovative and novel lithium-ion batteries.

Additionally, Apple also posted jobs related to road safety standards and motor controls such as Apple Safety Modelling Engineer – SPG to survey literature on safety models and be up-to-date on NHTSA, SAE, and other relevant standards; Motor Controls Integration and Calibration Engineer to power electronics systems and motor controls and failure (fault) analysis methodologies – FMEA, FTA; and LV Power Electronics Engineer for design and implementation of DCDCs.

Apple also posted around 50 jobs related to digital car experience and wireless technologies and ecosystem (WTE) to introduce new features, including cars that unlock using an apple device. GlobalData’s database shows that Apple has been increasingly posting jobs since August 2020 that require electrical engineering as an education specialization.

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