Automakers say educating users and developing infrastructure is vital for green vehicles

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Automakers say educating users and developing infrastructure is vital for green vehicles

By Greentech Lead Team: Global
Automakers’ President and CEO Michael J. Stanton said that automakers were
doing their part to meet the new fuel economy/greenhouse gas (GHG) standards
program being developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),
Department of Transportation (DOT), and the California Air Resource Board

“Our members
continue to invest in technologies to reduce the environmental footprint of
their vehicles and to meet or exceed government regulations, but we are only
one part of the equation. To get consumers to buy green vehicles, they need to
recognize the value of fuel efficiency and have the refueling infrastructure
necessary to support their purchase,” said Stanton.

comments were made during the National Journal Live Policy Summit
“Driving Innovation – The Role of the Auto Industry in the Green
Economy.” The Summit featured a multi-panel conversation on restoring
strength to the auto industry through sustainable strategies.

Automakers, which represents 15 international automobile manufacturers, has
endorsed a comprehensive national approach to reducing GHG emissions and
improving fuel economy. The Association has been working with the EPA, DOT and
CARB to create national standards for vehicles and light duty trucks for model
years 2017-2025. The goal is to meet the national environmental and energy
objectives while providing manufacturers the flexibility and lead-time to build
advanced technology vehicles.

“Our members
are displaying all types of advance technology vehicles, from fuel cells to
plug-in hybrids to all-electric vehicles, at the Washington Auto Show this week
to demonstrate their efforts to both reduce the environmental impact of their
fleets and satisfy consumers’ appetite for a full range of product choices.
Automakers and policymakers need to continue working together in order to bring
affordable advance technology vehicles to the market that meets consumers’
needs,” Stanton added.

Automakers’ members have long led the industry in the development and
deployment of green technologies. These companies brought the first hybrids to
American consumers in 1999 and today account for nearly 90 percent of the U.S.
hybrid market. The Washington Auto Show will showcase some of the latest green
innovations automakers have developed.

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