Bangalore has 300 cars running on green fuel

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Bangalore has 300 cars running on green fuel

Greentech Lead India: Bangalore has around 300 cars in
the city running on green fuel or bio-diesel, an alternative to diesel. These
cars are blending 20 percent of green fuel with normal diesel.

According to tests, green fuel does not have adverse
impact on the engine as it is refined and meets all the specifications and
standards prescribed for diesel.

Once the bio-fuel unit near Devanahalli is established,
the alternative fuel will be available for the general public, according to a
report in Deccan Chronicle.

Presently bio-diesel is sold at the Gandhi Krishi Vignana
Kendra campus on Bellary Road, for Rs 2 less than the diesel price.

“In the next few months the refinery plant to produce
bio-diesel with a maximum capacity of 50,000 litres per day will be operational
on Doddaballapur-Devanahalli Road. The refinery is dependent on the waste oil
produced in edible oil refineries and other sources as pongemia and neem seeds.
Once the refinery reaches its maximum production capacity, it can be sold to
the general public,” said Y. B. Ramakrishna, chairman of the Karnataka Bio Fuel
Task Force (BFTF).

The BFTF has set up at Information and Demonstration
Centre (I&D Centre) where 100 liters of green fuel is produced per day.

Another such centre will soon come up at R V College of
Engineering and another educational institute in the city.

“One must realize that we are producing the green fuel to
reduce the prices. It’s a necessity based requirement where this fuel can
become the answer to the future fossil fuel crisis. Bio-fuel can be used
instead of diesel, but due to unavailability of volume of green fuel it will
take some time to stabilise. If there is more production and more users the price
will automatically come down,” Ramakrishna added.

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