Car Charging Group in pact with Kettler to provide EV charging services

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Car Charging Group in pact with Kettler to provide EV charging services

Greentech Lead America: Car Charging Group, a provider of
electric vehicle charging services, has joined hands with Kettler, a
multifamily housing developers, to provide EV charging services at select
Kettler properties located across the eastern seaboard.

Kettler manages nearly 20,000 apartments in 82 locations
from New York to the Carolinas which makes this partnership an excellent fit
for both the companies.

“More and more EV drivers like the convenience of
charging at home and we are working with Kettler to provide this important
amenity to their residents. This partnership will further highlight and expand
our convenient EV charging services and network,” said Michael D. Farkas, chief
executive officer of Car Charging Group.

As per the agreement, Car Charging Group will install its
EV charging stations at various Kettler properties. Kettler will share in the
proceeds generated by the charging services provided at their properties.

In addition to the Nissan Leaf, the Chevy Volt and the
BMW ActiveE, EV drivers will soon be able to purchase the Ford Focus electric
which starts shipping next month, as well as the Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid,
the Honda Fit EV, and the Tesla Model S that are due out in June.

“We are committed to supporting the ever changing
needs of our customers, and more and more are now driving EVs. Providing our
residents and other travelers with a green fueling option is an important step
in our sustainability and addition to the other green practices we implement in
our properties,” said Laurel Howell, senior vice president of Marketing at

Car Charging Group installs fast EV charging stations,
known as Level II, which provide 240 Volts with 32 Amps of power, in order to
quickly refuel an electric vehicle’s battery. The EV charging stations utilize
the standard SAE J1772(TM) connector widely adopted by nearly all automobile

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