Carbon and Arteris join hands to deliver interconnect models to SoC designers

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Carbon and Arteris join hands to deliver interconnect models to SoC designers

Greentech Lead America: Carbon Design Systems and Arteris,
a provider of network-on-chip (NoC) interconnect intellectual property (IP)
solutions, have entered into an agreement to develop models of Arteris NoC
interconnect IP.

Under the agreement joint Carbon/Arteris solution will be
generated, managed and distributed using the Carbon IP Exchange web portal.

The joint Carbon/Arteris solution offers design teams a
way to easily create and import accurate Arteris FlexNoC interconnect models
for Carbon SoCDesigner Plus.

“Simulation with virtual models of our NoC
interconnect IP are the best way to make system-on-chip architectural
optimizations and tradeoffs. By partnering with Carbon to make 100% accurate
models of our IP available on Carbon IP Exchange, we are empowering design
teams to utilize virtual models earlier in the design process,” said Kurt
Shuler, vice president of marketing of Arteris.

The new Carbon/Arteris flow allows Carbon’s SoCDesigner
Plus users to use Arteris FlexNoC to configure their NoC interconnect fabric IP
and then upload the configuration to Carbon IP Exchange.

The web portal then creates a 100 percent accurate
virtual model of the configuration and makes it available for download and use
in SoCDesigner Plus.

“We see strong demand for models of Arteris’ NoC
interconnect IP. ARM’s Cortex-A15 and Cortex-A9 microprocessor designers are
pushing for better price, performance and area tradeoffs and the SoC
interconnect plays a vital role in serving this need. Our partnership with
Arteris enables engineers to make architectural decisions and design tradeoffs
based upon a 100 percent -accurate virtual representation,” said Bill
Neifert, chief technology officer at Carbon Design Systems.

Carbon’s models of Arteris FlexNoC interconnect IP are
available now from the Carbon IP Exchange web portal.

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