Chinese Battery Giant CATL Counters U.S. Firm Duke Energy’s Allegations of Security Threats

By Editor


CATL, a leading Chinese battery manufacturer, has vehemently refuted allegations made by U.S. utility firm Duke Energy regarding security concerns related to its batteries. In response to Duke Energy’s recent move to disconnect CATL-manufactured batteries, the company has labeled the accusations as false and misleading, Reuters news report said.

CATL emphasized that its business operations and products within the United States strictly adhere to privacy regulations. The company explicitly stated that it does not engage in the collection, sale, or sharing of data in any form, assuring consumers of its commitment to data protection.

Moreover, CATL asserted that its products have undergone extensive safety and security evaluations, including thorough assessments by both U.S. authorities and businesses. The company emphasized its compliance with rigorous safety standards, seeking to allay any doubts about the integrity and reliability of its battery technology.

Duke Energy’s decision to disconnect large-scale CATL batteries from the North Carolina Marine Corps base Camp Lejeune was prompted by what the utility firm cited as security concerns. However, CATL has rebuffed these concerns, standing firm on the safety and compliance of its products.

The clash between CATL and Duke Energy underscores the growing tension surrounding cybersecurity in the energy sector, raising questions about the standards and protocols governing the use of foreign-manufactured technology in critical infrastructure.

This controversy is likely to spark further discussions and investigations, prompting a closer examination of security protocols and regulations governing the integration of global technology within vital national infrastructure.

As the situation unfolds, stakeholders in the energy sector and policymakers are anticipated to closely monitor developments and assess the broader implications of this dispute on the utilization of international technology within sensitive operational frameworks.

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