Clean Energy renewable natural gas station in Groveport to fuel Amazon trucks

Clean Energy renewable natural gas station in Groveport, OH

Clean Energy Fuels announced the opening of renewable natural gas (RNG) station in Groveport, OH for powering Amazon trucks.

The station will also provide public access for local fleets seeking access to RNG, a sustainable fuel produced from organic waste.

The Groveport station is the first construction project completed in an agreement between Clean Energy and Amazon. Many of the 19 new stations will follow Groveport and should be operational by the end of the year, supplementing Clean Energy’s fueling network of 550 stations in North America.

By dispensing 700,000 gallons of RNG annually, the Groveport station will reduce carbon emissions by 6,848 metric tons—the equivalent of growing 114,133 trees for ten years, removing 1,489 passenger cars from the road, or reducing 2,750 tons of landfill waste.

Clean Energy Fuels, a provider of the cleanest fuel for the transportation market, recently signed an agreement to develop a digester that should produce 500,000 gallons of RNG a year from the manure produced by dairy cows when completed. This $15 million investment at the South Fork Dairy will produce RNG fuel to be used at the Groveport station and others around the country.

RNG is made entirely from organic waste and drastically reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It is so clean that the California Air Resources Board gives RNG from dairies an average carbon score of -343, much cleaner than electric powered vehicles.