ClipperCreek charging stations now available in Australia and New Zealand

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ClipperCreek and Evolution AU announced the availability of the ClipperCreek LCS-20E and ECS-20 charging stations to customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Evolution AU will act as a value-added reseller of ClipperCreek’s products locally.

The ECS is a portable, plug-in charging station configured to deliver up to 15A to a vehicle for charging through a standard, 15A high power wall outlet. The LCS is a compact hardwired charging station that can deliver up to 16A to a vehicle for charging.

The LCS and ECS are universally compatible with all SAE-J1772 plug-in vehicles, according to company officials.

ECS-20 is ideal for on the road charging and high speed home charging.

LCS-20E is ideal for home charging and workplace charging. For home charging, it recharges 2 x faster than the cordset that was delivered with the vehicle.

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