Club Assist unveils world’s first lithium-powered charger in Melbourne

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Club Assist unveils world\'s first lithium-powered charger in Melbourne

By Greentech Lead Australia: Club Assist, a global motoring club partner,
has unveiled world’s first Lithium Mobile EV Charger at the LEV and EV Forum
& Drive Day in Melbourne. The lithium-powered charger is a Level 2 EV
charging solution that is designed for emergency roadside assistance.

The solution offers quicker, smoother and quieter
roadside battery charging assistance. The system can charge a standard
electric-powered car in 10 minutes to sustain a driving distance of 5 to 6
kilometers and allows the vehicle to travel to the nearest permanent charging
point for a full charge.  

“Our ‘what next’ approach has helped us bring
revolutionary solutions to market in the past such as the ‘standard’ Mobile EV
Charger. The Lithium Mobile EV charger is the next logical evolution in ‘green’
roadside assistance for electric vehicles,” said Bob Gell, designer of the
unit and a member of Club Assist’s product and technical development team.

This EV charger provides greater flexibility by being
available in either a skid mounted or small sized trailer mount. The EV charger
is a natural evolution of the existing technology and makes a stronger case for
the growing use of electric vehicles.

The technology is now ready to go to market and Club
Assist can potentially roll it out around the world to more than 68 motoring
club organizations.

“For many years we have very proudly offered our
club partners, innovative and pragmatic solutions to help them meet their
members’ needs and the Lithium Mobile EV Charger is another in our long line of
successes,” said Stuart Davies, Club Assist CEO and executive president.

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