Construction, agriculture and mining EVs to have a $30B market by 2025

Electric and hybrid vehicles for construction, agriculture and mining will reach a $30 billion market in 2025, reports IDTechEx.

Cranes and man lifters which have many applications in construction and agriculture field will reach unit sales of 189,000 by 2025.

While companies like Komatsu, John Deere and Caterpillar manufacture big vehicles including hybrids, other manufacturers go for smaller, pure-electric versions.

This industry will see a radical change and for open cast mines in remote areas located far above sea level, shipping diesel can cost a huge amount.


The 350 kW haul trucks working on the floor and one at the top of the mine with electric rail-veyors lifting the ore from bottom to top is under consideration right now.

With an all-electric solution, new pollution laws can be met by saving money from the electricity coming from the mine’s own wind turbines and photovoltaics.

Vehicle electrification has a higher value proposition in the mining vehicle industry where the costs of operation have increased according to diesel prices.

By vehicles electrification process, the high costs of ventilation of diesel emissions inside mines can be reduced.

A boom period of mining industry has ended in 2012 and now it is in a bust period and structural changes are planned in the coal industry.

Numerous quantities of new equipment will not be acquired by mining industries before 2018, delaying electric mining vehicles adoption due to the cyclical nature of the mining industry.

The report gives an account on how mines will electrify more after the current bust period that characterises this industry.

It shows why the universal tractor in agriculture will be electric in volume quantities by 2025 and how new forms of vehicle design are coming. It explains what new technologies will arrive and why.

Sabeena Wahid

[email protected]