Coulomb Technologies launches new EV charging platform ChargePoint 4.0

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Coulomb Technologies launches new EV charging platform ChargePoint 4.0

Greentech Lead America: Coulomb Technologies, an
electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions provider, has launched ChargePoint 4.0
platform for electric vehicle drivers and charging station owners. The release
of the ChargePoint 4.0 marks the 4-year anniversary of the launch of

ChargePoint 4.0 provides new features including
patent-pending ChargePoint Connections, intuitive dashboards, support for
multi-site deployments, and the ability to create new pricing structures for
charging services.

ChargePoint 4.0 offers station owners an easy to use
online solution that provides access to all station data and metrics through an
easy to use dashboard. Drivers and station owners can easily view personal,
organization and network-wide statistics, as well as recent usage, real-time
availability of stations and real-time charging data for public or home

ChargePoint 4.0 features ChargePoint Connections
that allows station owners build a relationship with drivers who use their
stations. For workplace charging, ChargePoint Connections vastly simplifies the
process of initially giving employees access to corporate owned stations and
more importantly makes on-going administration of that access control quick and

ChargePoint 4.0’s Multi-site deployment
support allows corporations to view and manage their charging stations
world-wide from a single location and login.

The new charging platform optimizes the workflow of
managing charging stations, allowing customers to operate more efficiently,
with less effort, while maintaining tight control over who sees what, and who
can perform what tasks.

ChargePoint 4.0’s integrated analytics engine provides
sophisticated metrics around station occupancy and energy consumption,
including peak power usage statistics, GhG emissions, station revenue and other
valuable data.

The new ChargePoint 4.0’s new pricing
structures have the ability to combine per-hour and per-kWh fees, and the
ability to charge by plug-in time or actual charging time.

 “ChargePoint 4.0 is the ideal charging solution for
employers, retailers, hotels, municipalities, parking services, multiple
dwelling units, fleets, and utility companies looking for ways to increase
traffic flow to their businesses, provide new value to employees, and differentiate
themselves from competitors. For electric vehicle drivers, ChargePoint 4.0 is
the easiest, most convenient way to charge your EV, with thousands of public
charging stations, intuitive driver dashboards, convenient ways to pay for
charging, 24×7 driver support and valuable driver services,” said Pat Romano,
president and CEO of Coulomb Technologies.   

Coulomb Technologies in pact with National Grid to install EV
charging stations throughout New York State

Recently, Coulomb Technologies partnered with National
Grid, an electricity and gas company in the Northeast, to extend Coulomb’s
ChargePoint Network throughout New York State. The partnership will install
more than 160 charging ports across the state.   

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