eMotorWerks finds one more partner for JuiceNet EV technology

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eMotorWerks announced a new partnership with EDF to expand the JuiceNet Internet of Things (IoT) electric vehicle charging technology.

JuiceNet from eMotorWerks is a patented communication, control, and intelligence platform that dynamically matches drivers’ historical charging patterns, real-time input, and signals from grid operators and utilities to aggregate and manage charging station demand.

The partnership will deliver cloud-connected and intelligent charging stations (EVSE) using eMotorWerks’ charging hardware and JuiceNet software platform.

The charging solution aims to empower customers to charge their EVs on clean energy, while providing a valuable software platform on which EDF can develop new solutions, the company said.

“Electrification of the transportation sector is essential for reaching our ambitious decarbonization goals,” explained Jan van der Lee, vice president of R&D and Innovation at EDF.

By utilizing JuiceNet smart-grid optimizations, EDF will be able to leverage renewable energy generation by tapping into solar and wind over-generation to charge EVs, as well as partake in smart grid incentives through scheduled charging.

This collaboration allows EDF and its customers to shape electric load, avoid peak energy costs, and improve grid reliability by better managing energy ramps and other peak demand on the grid.

The JuiceNet platform gives utilities improved real-time visibility of major grid parameters and control of EV charging demand. With this visibility, eMotorWerks helps grid operators and utilities improve load distribution and grid stability while minimizing the need for expensive generation or transmission and distribution infrastructure upgrades, the company said.

The EDF brand joins a growing list of key software development partners that are delivering innovative energy applications atop the JuiceNet platform.

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