Enova continues supply of drive systems to Smith Electric Vehicles

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Enova continues supply of drive systems to Smith Electric Vehicles

Greentech Lead in America: Enova Systems, a developer of
hybrid electric and all-electric drive systems and drive system components for
green commercial vehicle market, has received further orders to supply drive
system components to Smith Electric Vehicles Corp (Smith), a global provider of
all-electric commercial vehicles.

Smith has
already deployed several hundred vehicles utilizing Enova’s electric drive

Smith develops, produces and sells zero-emission
commercial electric vehicles that are designed to be an alternative to
traditional diesel trucks, providing higher efficiency and lower total cost of

The company has manufacturing facilities in Kansas City,
Missouri, and outside of Newcastle, UK. Smith’s vehicle designs leverage more
than 80 years of market knowledge from selling and servicing electric vehicles
in the United Kingdom. Smith produces the Newton and the Edison.

“Smith Electric Vehicles continues to show a strong
commitment to both Enova and the Electric Vehicle segment. We anticipate
continued penetration and are pleased to be part of Smith’s strategy,”
said Enova Systems
Mike Staran.

Smith most recently announced its intention to deploy
vehicles in the all-electric school bus sector. The 42-passenger Newton school
bus travels up to 100 miles on a single charge at speeds of up to 50 mph, and
is intended for the fixed routes in urban areas most school buses take each

Smith Electric Vehicles signs pact with Wanxiang Group

Smith Electric Vehicles, a manufacturer of electric
vehicles, has signed a letter of intent with Wanxiang Group, a global
automotive parts manufacturer and supplier.

With this agreement, Smith looks forward to a long,
mutually beneficial relationship that advances the global commercial electric
vehicle industry.

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