EV Connect enhances electric vehicle charging in Santa Monica

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EV Connect enhances electric vehicle charging in Santa Monica

Greentech Lead Team:

EV Connect, a provider of electric vehicle infrastructure solutions, has
expanded electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities in Santa Monica, California
with its installation of new EV charging stations at seven sites and numerous

The new
publicly-accessible stations have been set up in high traffic locations,
including Santa Monica Place Mall, Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica Civic
Center, and Santa Monica Airport.

pushing forward on all fronts in Santa Monica to make this a plug-in friendly
city. We’re leading the way and proactively looking at all avenues to create
infrastructure support for alternatively-fueled vehicles. We’re pleased EV Connect
helped make it easier for EV drivers to fuel up in Santa Monica,” said Dean
Kubani, manager of the Office of Sustainability and Environment, City of Santa

EV Connect
is working on several state-funded infrastructure projects and has an exclusive
agreement with Fisker Automotive to install and maintain home charging stations
for Fisker owners and dealerships throughout North America. The company’s
installation work is aimed at helping raise consumers’ range-confidence around
EV ownership.

“As an EV
owner, I appreciate the addition of publicly available charging stations
anywhere they can be located. I live in Orange County and work in Santa Monica
and so far have rarely been able to use the EV for my commute because of the
distances involved. These Santa Monica stations will help make it possible for
me to drive my cleanest car to work without worrying about whether I’ll have
sufficient juice to make it home. As public charging stations become more
common, EVs will become a viable option for more people. That’s a good thing,”
said John O’Dell, a senior editor, at Edmunds.com.

Monica is a model city for the work it puts into meeting the needs of its
workers and residents who operate EVs. We applaud the city’s focus on EV
infrastructure and effort to remove barriers for future widespread EV adoption
for those who live and visit their city,” said Jordan Ramer, CEO, EV Connect.

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