EV Week San Francisco highlights EV ARC solar charger

Envision Solar, the renewable energy Media and Branding firm and EV charging Product Company, was featured at Charge Across Town’s EV WEEK 2014 in San Francisco.

The event began in San Francisco at October 6th, with a Mayoral Press Conference and Opening Ceremony. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, Envision Solar CEO Desmond Wheatley spoke about the future of electric vehicles and the infrastructure necessary to support the growth and adoption of EVs.

Envision Solar’s EV ARC, the world’s first, and only, mobile solar powered car charger, will be highlighted in the event as a sustainable solution being adopted by firms developing the electric charging infrastructure needed for citizens and companies providing sustainable workplace charging.

Currently, EV ARC units will be deployed all over the City of San Francisco as part of collaboration between Environment Department and Charge Across Town, to provide EV charging infrastructure as well as promote “Driving on Sunshine.”


This deployment was financed by grants provided by the Schmidt Family Foundation’s 11th Hour project.

The Project recognizes the importance of linking transportation to clean, renewable energy in order to move the nation away from its dependence on fossil fuels, and the “Driving on Sunshine” project will help people realize that electric cars can be fueled by just the sun, said, Ed Lee, Mayor, San Francisco.

The people of San Francisco and Silicon Valley represent the most progressive electric vehicle market in the country. It is often said that as goes California, so goes the rest of the nation. Increasing demand for the products across the US as well as in California is seen, said, Desmond Wheatley, CEO, Envision Solar.

EV Week exhibits the latest in electric transportation including electric vehicles, charging, electric transit, and personal modes of electric transportation along with the mobile applications.

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