Green transportation provider Evatran showcases Plugless Power hands-free charging system


Green transportation provider Evatran showcases Plugless Power hands-free charging system

By Greentech Lead Team: Green transportation provider Evatran
has showcased its Plugless Power hands-free charging system for electric
vehicles (EVs).

Robert F. McDonnell, governor, addressed the crowd and
Plugless Power Apollo Program partners such as Hertz, Duke Energy, Google, and
Clemson University’s International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR).

“Through our Apollo Program, Evatran is actively
partnering with multiple high-profile EV leaders from across the country to
increase awareness of the convenience of Plugless Power wireless charging and
how that convenience impacts the adoption of electric vehicles,” said Rebecca
Hough, COO of Evatran.

Attendees participated in a demonstration of the wireless
charging technology on a Nissan LEAF while learning more about how Apollo
Program partners are realizing the benefits of Plugless Power in numerous ways.
Dominion Chevrolet, James River Air Conditioning, and Pence Nissan supported
the test drive portion of the event, with assistance from Virginia Clean

Apollo Program participants utilize Plugless Power on
their own electric vehicles, testing the wireless technology at their locations
for three months and providing feedback to Evatran. The Plugless Power system
allows drivers to simply pull up to a charging station, park, and let wireless
technology do the rest.

Evatran works with program partners to install charging
stations at their facilities, as with Google at its high-tech campus in
Mountain View, Calif. or at the automotive research campus of CU-ICAR in
Greenville, S.C.

Evatran is expanding its Apollo Program and working with
automotive manufacturers to integrate the technology into the next generation
of electric vehicles. A second phase of the Program is planned for the third
quarter of 2012 to include additional participants across the country.

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