Gujarat to launch electric bus for public transport

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The Gujarat state in India is planning to introduce ‘electric-buses’ for public transport between state capital Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad, PTI reported.

A pilot project will soon be launched,PTI said quoting official sources.

Moving ahead, the state-run Gujarat Power Corporation Limited (GPCL) has invited expression of interest from the potential companies interested in the project which has been flashed on its official website.

Ahmedabad bus depot“GPCL is all set to introduce an ‘e-vehicle’ project on pilot basis for the public transportation purpose, under which 15-20 E-buses will be included in the initial phase,” said a state government official associated with the project.

As per GPCL officials, the ‘Electric Vehicles and Solar Based Electric Charging System’ pilot project has been inspired by former Chief Minister and now Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision towards environment-friendly initiatives coupled with innovative ideas.

Modi had first introduced a ‘climate change department’ amongst the states in the country.

“The project is to be launched to reduce the carbon emission and to create an ecological equilibrium by using non-traditional fuel like electricity,” the officer said.

In the first phase, electric-buses will be running from Gandhinagar to Ahmedabad and if the project meets with success, it can be implemented in other parts of the state.

This project includes purchase of 15-40 seater mini- buses same as the city-buses used in capital Gandhinagar.

The project also includes setting up of solar-power based electric charging stations at regular distances on the over 35 km long stretch between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.

Giving details of the project, the official said that the bidders’ profile will be scrutinised thoroughly considering their capabilities and strength to proceed with the project.

However, the state government is claiming to launch the project by end of the year, though the time is not yet set for the opening phase.

The ‘green- project’ of the state government will also involve deploying, commissioning, supervision and monitoring the electric vehicles transport system based on solar powered energy for six months from the date of commissioning.

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