Hertz to trial wireless EV recharging


Hertz to trial wireless EV recharging


By Greentech
Lead Team:
Hertz will implement the first wireless charging system for electric
vehicles (EVs) in the car rental industry.  Hertz and leaders from five
other industry segments will participate in Plugless Power pilot program.

The trial
will help establish the United States as the EV market leader. The trial will
follow Hertz and leaders from five other industry segments, as they trial
Plugless Power systems on their own electric vehicles. The Plugless Power
system is supplied by Evatran based in Virginia.

Power, developed by Evatran, is the first electric vehicle (EV) charging system
on the market to offer customers a simple way to charge their EVs with the ease
of hands-free technology. Plugless Power is utilizing inductive power transfer
to charge the electric vehicles without cord and the plug. 

Hertz plans to
increase its global EV presence by deploying vehicles in other countries in the
coming months. Hertz Global EV will continue to leverage the company’s rental
and car sharing locations as bases for vehicles and charging stations.

excited to participate in Plugless Power’s pilot program so that we can be on
the ground floor of this new technology; learning key findings about EV
wireless charging.  As we move forward our goal is to have a variety of
charging options for EV customer use, aligned with the charging equipment
installed by EV manufacturers,” said Mark P. Frissora, Hertz chairman and
chief executive officer.  

Hertz is the
first car-rental company to deploy EVs and PHEVs (plug-in hybrid electric) on
three continents — in the U.S., U.K. and China. Hertz is forming partnerships
with automakers, charging-station providers, municipalities, non-governmental
organizations, corporations and other stakeholders to make EVs easily
accessible to consumers.

Recently, Hertz introduced “Living Journey”  the company’s corporate
sustainability strategy.

Living Journey positions Hertz to be the leader in
sustainable mobility and equipment solutions through various strategic
initiatives that integrate sustainability best practices throughout the

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