Holden inpact with Better Place to offer green tech solutions for Holden Volt electric car

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Holden inpact with Better Place to offer green tech solutions for Holden Volt electric car

Greentech Lead Australia: Holden, an Australian
subsidiary of General Motors, has selected Better Place, a global provider of
EV networks and services, as its preferred partner for renewable energy and
faster charging solutions for the long range Holden Volt electric car.

Through this partnership, Better Place will install a
‘Charge Spot’ unit at home or work and the zero emissions charging will be
provided through the purchase of renewable energy or 100 percent Government
certified renewable energy certificates for Volt customers.

Volt usually takes less than 6 hours to charge using a
240V 10A charge through a regular household outlet and a Better Place Charge
Spot can charge Volt in under four hours. Holden anticipates this option is
likely to be popular with fleets who want to run their Volts predominantly on
the initial battery charge.

 “The Volt is unique among electric cars as it can
charge from a regular household outlet, but we know from overseas’
experience that Volt customers are likely to also look for faster charging
options. And while the Volt is not restricted in range compared to other
standard electric vehicles, we do expect that drivers will prefer to drive
on battery only wherever possible,” said Richard Marshall, energy and
environment director, Holden. 

The Better Place partnership will offer Volt drivers the
potential to drive with zero emissions up to 87kilometres. Better Place offers
zero emissions charging through the purchase of only renewable energy or Large-scale
Generation Certificates for its charge network.

Better Place head of strategy and marketing, Ben Keneally
said the partnership gave Volt motorists a complete recharging solution for
their electric driving.

“We look after everything a Volt driver needs – including
installing personal charging spots at home or work, delivering shorter charging
times, and providing ongoing management, maintenance, and 24-hour customer
care,” said Ben Keneally Better Place head of strategy and marketing.

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