Honda includes Leviton 32 amp, 240V electric vehicle charging station with Honda Fit EV leases

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Greentech Lead America: Honda announced that all Honda Fit EV leases will now include the Leviton 32 amp, 240 volt (Level 2) electric vehicle charging station.

This partnership provides a new business model for electric vehicle customers, said Manoj Karwa, senior director of EVSE Programs for Leviton. “Leviton and Honda believe that streamlining the acquisition process for charging solutions will help significantly improve customer satisfaction by reducing the time and cost for the EV charging experience.”

The Leviton 32 amp charging station utilizes Leviton’s patent pending “plugged-in” design and has been tested to exceed National Electric Code and Underwriters Laboratory (UL) standards.

Also, it provides safety devices not found in other charging stations in the marketplace, including a watertight enclosure with NEMA 4 rating and proprietary GFCI technology. It is backed by an industry leading product warranty, and lifetime telephone support.

“Leviton has designed a charging station that capitalizes on the efficiency of the all-electric Fit EV,” said Steve Center, vice president of Environmental Business Development at American Honda Motor. “Through the use of the Leviton 32 amp, 240 volt charging station Honda customers can charge their Honda Fit EV in a class-leading three hours.”

To obtain the new Leviton charging station, new Honda Fit EV customers need only contact their local dealership to arrange delivery. The charging station has been rigorously tested and verified by Honda – in both the USA and Japan – for use with the Fit EV.

In addition to the 32 amp charger, customers will also receive a proprietary installation kit that, once installed, enables them to remove and re-install the electric vehicle charging station without any special tools. This modularity enables customers to easily take their charging station with them in case they move – an important consideration for customers.

Installation services are optionally available through Leviton at the customer’s expense – only the charging station hardware is provided as part of the lease agreement.

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