KCP&L to install over 1,000 EV charging stations in U.S

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Over the next several months, Kansas City Power & Light Company (KCP&L) will install and operate more than 1,000 electric vehicle charging stations across US.

This will be the largest electric vehicle charging station installation by any electric utility in the United States.

For the next two years, charging a car in KCP&L’s Clean Charge Network will be free to electric vehicle owners.

KCP&L is partnering with Nissan and various host sites to cover the charging cost to further encourage electric vehicle adoption in this market.

photo insideevs
photo insideevs

Nissan is providing funding toward 16 fast charging stations, including covering the costs of the necessary electricity supply.

ChargePoint, the world’s largest electric vehicle charging network, will manufacture the standard charging stations in KCP&L’s Clean Charge Network.

The charging stations will be installed at strategic locations throughout KCP&L’s service region, most probably where electric vehicle owners live and work.

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KCP&L is also partnering with local companies to be host sites for the Clean Charge Network. Host sites are chosen on the basis of ability to ensure whether KCP&L’s Clean Charge Network is accessible at various sites easily accessible by customers.

Installation of the charging stations began in late 2014 and will be completed this summer.

The first stations deployed on the network will include 15 fast charging stations provided by Nissan and KCP&L, which will charge any model of electric vehicle on the market.
On the fast charging stations, an electric vehicle will take about 30 minutes to get fully charged. In addition, the Clean Charge Network will give a 25 mile charge for every hour it is plugged into the station.

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In 2011, KCP&L worked with the Kansas City Regional Clean Cities Coalition to bring ten charging stations to the area. KCP&L also deployed additional stations through the KCP&L Smart Grid Demonstration Project.

As far as the economy aspect is considered, KCP&L ’s costs are regulated by state commissions which will ensure a fair price for the stations.

To utilize the stations, all drivers have to sign up for a ChargePoint membership and then have access to the ChargePoint network, including these new stations offered by KCP&L.

Kansas City is the largest auto manufacturing center in the United States, outside of Detroit, which helps the region to be a suitable hub for transportation of the future.

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