LG Electronics Announces Partnership with ChargePoint for U.S. EV Charging Market

By Editor


LG Electronics (LG) has entered into an agreement with ChargePoint, a leading provider of networked electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, to expand its presence in the U.S. commercial EV charging market.

ChargePoint, which manages over 306,000 ports across North America and Europe, will collaborate with LG to leverage its network for global EV charger supply opportunities. This partnership aligns with LG CEO William Cho’s vision to make the EV charging business a trillion-KRW enterprise by 2030.

The agreement enables LG to secure ChargePoint as a key customer, enhancing its client base with ChargePoint’s robust portfolio of charging solutions. In turn, ChargePoint and its users will benefit from LG’s EV chargers. This collaboration is poised to boost the competitive edge of both companies, particularly in vying for U.S. public sector charging infrastructure projects, which prioritize domestic production, quality, and security.

LG’s Texas-manufactured EV chargers have earned Underwriter Laboratories certification, ensuring charging stability, while ChargePoint’s cloud software products are authorized by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program. These certifications position both companies favorably for securing government contracts.

Beyond charging infrastructure, LG and ChargePoint are exploring innovative integrations, such as incorporating LG’s DOOH Ads digital out-of-home advertising solutions into EV charger displays. This integration aims to broadcast diverse advertisements, enhancing the B2B customer experience.

Additionally, the partnership will explore smart home solutions that connect EV chargers with household devices through the LG ThinQ platform and ChargePoint’s Home Flex home charging solution. This collaboration aims to offer a seamless, connected experience for users.

Suh Heung-kyu, vice president and head of the Electric Vehicle Charging business division at LG Business Solutions Company, expressed optimism about the partnership: “There is incredible synergy between our two companies, and we fully anticipate that this partnership will help LG to become a global leader in the EV charging business. LG will continue to pursue strategic collaborations to advance innovation and further strengthen its status as a total EV charging solutions provider.”

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