MillenWorks unveils new battery management system to optimize battery performance

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MillenWorks unveils new battery management system to optimize battery performance

By Greentech Lead Team: MillenWorks, a business of
Textron Marine & Land Systems, an operating unit of Textron Systems, has
unveiled its new Battery Management System (BMS) at the SAE 2012 Hybrid Vehicle
Technologies Symposium in San Diego.

MillenWorks’ BMS is ideal for electric vehicles, hybrid
electric vehicles, or grid storage systems. BMS can be rapidly deployed to meet
customers’ high voltage energy storage system needs at the prototype level.

MillenWorks BMS monitors the performance of
cells within a battery to achieve optimum performance and life while safely
managing and operating the system.

“This system utilizes our decades of systems
integration experience in extreme off-road environments to provide a BMS
integrated with a robust hardware platform required by today’s emerging,
mid-size and large vehicle OEMs and battery cell manufacturers,” said
Michael Reagan, director of commercial OEM, MillenWorks.

BMS is integrating multiple data points, including cell
voltages, temperature and current, into advanced algorithms that are tailored
to cell chemistry and application.  

BMS’ flexible architecture utilizes a master/slave topography
that accommodates up to 192 series cells offering a scalable solution for low
voltage packs through systems operating in the 700 volt range. The system
offers real-time monitoring of key battery parameters such as state of charge,
state of health and state of life.

“As more customers in the United States and
internationally pursue integrating electric drive powertrains in their
vehicles, MillenWorks is equipped to deliver optimal, scalable solutions for
their energy storage needs,” Reagan added.

Recently, MillenWorks increased
capabilities in electric vehicle and battery pack development with the addition
of an ABC-150 power processing system from AeroVironment. The ABC-150 provides
a test platform for evaluating integrated drive trains and subsystems. The
system is specifically designed for testing electric vehicles, hybrid-electric
vehicles, components and sub-systems. It can cycle test motors, inverters, and
energy storage components.

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