Nick Hewson joins the Board of Directors of Green Automotive Company

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Nick Hewson joins the Board of Directors of Green Automotive Company

Greentech Lead America: Green Automotive Company (GAC)
has appointed Nick Hewson to its Board of Directors.

This appointment follows the recent appointment to the
Board of Ian Hobday, CEO Liberty Electric Cars, and Darren West, Finance
Director for the business.

Nick Hewson joins the Board in anticipation of a number
of important deals currently in the pipeline.  

Green Automotive Company is involved in the conversion,
import and distribution of eco-friendly vehicles. The company is presently
planning to bring all-electric and other eco-friendly vehicles into the United
States market through a combination of converting piston engine vehicles and
importing existing EVs.

The company is also assessing a number of
all-electric and alternate fuel vehicles including an all-electric intra-city
and municipal mass transit bus and school bus, for introduction to the us

GAC recently acquired Liberty Electric Cars Limited, a
UK-based company that designs, develops, manufacturers and markets electric
vehicle technologies for use in its own converted vehicles and for sale to
OEM’s for incorporation into their production.

Since 2002, Hewson has concentrated on developing
businesses, both in property and non-property sectors, and has a strong
interest in low carbon and carbon reduction business initiatives. He was a
co-founder, major shareholder and a director of Going Green Limited, the
company that pioneered electric vehicles (EV) in the UK with the hugely
successful G-Wiz – an electric vehicle designed in California and manufactured
in India.

Commenting on this appointment, Ian Hobday, a director of
Green Automotive and CEO of Liberty Electric Cars, said, “Nick’s pioneering
experience in retailing electric vehicles is of incredible value to Green
Automotive. As our company continues to grow [we recently acquired Liberty
Electric Cars in the UK] and we are close to closing a number of significant
target acquisitions and joint ventures in the US, the UK and Europe, it is
essential that Green Automotive has a strong Board including members with both
entrepreneurial and EV experience who can jointly oversee the company’s
organization and activities.” 

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