Nissan to launch 100 EV charging stations in U.S

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Nissan announced launching of additional 1,000 high-speed electric vehicle charging stations in US’ largest metro areas.

The proposal for establishing the CHAdeMO DC chargers will be initiated soon.

Nissan has promised a total of 1,700 DC quick charging stations by April next year.

The newly installed chargers will be compatible with most electric vehicles. Besides, they can fill up a vehicle’s battery in nearly 20 to 30 minutes.


Nissan already owns 800 EV chargers across the country which includes two types of charging connectors. The newly planned stations will also have two types.

Usually, Nissan-sponsored EV charging stations are built and run by third-party networks like NRG eVgo.

Nissan has promoted quick charging station installation since its all-electric LEAF hatchback made market debut in 2010.

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In Nov 2014, Nissan experimented with various possibilities of EVs including harnessing the power from the battery and pumping the electric back in to the electricity grid. Known as Vehicle to Grid or V2G, this technology was a part of Japan’s demand response energy policy.

Nissan operates chargers in 13 metro areas and plans to expand to 25 cities by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, BMW and Volkswagen have planned a joint effort to install 100 high-speed public charging stations along heavily trafficked corridors on the East and West Coasts.

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