Only 6% of utilities in the U.S. offer electric vehicle tariffs for their customers

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Only 6% of utilities in the U.S. offer electric vehicle tariffs for their customers

Greentech Lead America: Only 6 percent of electric
utilities in the United States offer special EV tariffs and rates for their
customers. According to a study released by Northeast Group, only 22 utilities
across 11 states have launched EV tariffs for their customers, as of the end of
the first half of 2012.

EV tariffs are important in helping increase drivers’
adoption of EVs as they offer cheaper recharging options compared with standard
household electricity tariffs. 

Utilities in the US have offered EV tariffs in two main
forms to-date: time-of-use (TOU) tariffs and flat rate tariffs.  TOU
tariffs provide for cheaper overnight and off-peak rates for those recharging
EVs.  Flat rate tariffs charge customers one fixed monthly fee for
recharging EVs. 

The study finds that EV penetration rates are likely to
be higher in states with utilities offering their customers EV tariffs.

Most of the utilities have offered their special EV
tariffs In Hawaii, Michigan and Nevada, more than 90 percent of state residents
already have access to EV tariffs. In California and Georgia more than 80
percent of state residents have access to EV tariffs, but utilities in Arizona,
California, Indiana, Michigan and Virginia have added new EV tariffs just in
the past year.

Special EV tariffs help EV owners save more money
compared with standard residential electricity tariffs.  EV tariffs can
save approximately half the cost per year for EV owners, compared with standard
electricity tariffs.

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