Princeton Power to provide EV chargers to Los Angeles Air Force Base

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Princeton Power, technology product manufacturers, has been chosen by Concurrent Technologies  (CTC) to design the first fleet of bidirectional electric vehicle charging stations at the Los Angeles Air Force Base (LAAFB).

CTC is responsible for overall execution of the LAAFB electric vehicle deployment. Princeton Power has previously undertaken thirteen CHAdeMO-based charging station projects.

The firm has developed solutions applicable for the electrical utility ancillary service markets and provided other energy-related services to Department of Defense (DOD) facilities.

The ancillary service driven cost reduction is intended to partially offset EV fleet lease expenses with the potential of energy improvement.

Clark Boriack, Concurrent Technologies, said, “Princeton Power was appointed as a contributor to the LAAFB for their efficient micro-grid systems and bi-directional inverters. LAAFB will be DoD’s first deployment of bidirectional inverters used for electric vehicle fast charging.”

The charging stations will charge vehicles directly from the local utility grid enabling LAAFB personnel to utilize the electric vehicles as transportation within the base.

When connected to the electric vehicle, the bi-directional charging station will switch power flow directions in order to support vehicle-to-grid energy request by discharging the electric vehicle’s on-board battery.

Princeton Power plans to promote the electric vehicles by making it feasible for drivers who want to charge their cars without wasting much time.

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