Proterra employs Horton as VP sales for California EV firm

Proterra, the provider of EV transit buses has appointed Matt Horton as vice president of sales for their operations in State of California.

He will be responsible for the overall sales of the company, with emphasis on strategic sales and the California market.


He is an experienced company builder, keen to promote sustainable energy technology.

Horton holds abundant industry experience with five years at Propel Fuels, where he served as CEO. Over the course of his career he held following positions like operating executive, venture capitalist and investment banker, with reputed companies, developing better professional relationships with government officials, NGOs and industrialists.

Matt has been decided to hold this key position for his innovative, driven and customer-focused sales leadership quality that can help further development of company’s rapid-growth sales strategy, said, Ryan Popple, CEO, Proterra.

California is an important market for Proterra and the EV industry and with the vast experience and close relation to the state, Matt is considered to be an appropriate candidate to forefront their efforts.

As part of his fresh role, Horton will employ a comprehensive sales strategy for the company. By exploiting his strong connections with State, he can have an easy access to this critical market, focusing on business funding and securing new orders.

“Electrification is the logical end game for the transportation industry. While light-duty EVs make sense for many consumers, the heavy-duty transportation industry gains much from EV industry. The technology is already cost-competitive and commercially viable, and the results in this sector will push for more adoption of EV technology. I consider myself fortunate to have a role in helping improve our environment and helping to achieve American energy independence,” said Horton.

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