Renault and Delta to use Qualcomm solution to evaluate viability of wireless charging of EVs

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Renault and Delta to use Qualcomm solution to evaluate viability of wireless charging of EVs

Greentech Lead America: Delta Motorsport and Renault have
decided to use Qualcomm solutions to evaluate commercial viability of wireless
charging of electric vehicles (EVs).

The U.K.-based Delta will integrate the Qualcomm Halo
Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) system into its Delta E-4 Coupe
electric vehicles, which are intended for deployment in Qualcomm’s London WEVC

The London WEVC trial is scheduled to commence in the
second half of 2012.

Delta and Renault will evaluate the viability of the
wireless charging of electric vehicles (EVs) and develop a further
understanding of issues relating to the integration of WEVC technology into

The trial will enable Delta and other stakeholders to build
knowledge associated with the deployment of WEVC into a megacity, and gain user
feedback on the use of WEVC-enabled electric vehicles.

“Delta Motorsport has developed an advanced
passenger EV that is a good platform to demonstrate our Qualcomm Halo Wireless
EV Charging in pre-commercial deployments,” said Anthony Thomson, vice
president of business development and marketing at Qualcomm Europe.

“Wireless EV Charging is the next technology step
for the Delta E-4 Coupe, while the integration of Qualcomm Halo EV charging
technology into the Delta E-4 Coupe and rigorous user testing in the London
trial will help us better understand future EV engineering challenges,”
said Nick Carpenter, technical director at Delta Motorsport.

Delta Motorsport also plans to participate with Qualcomm
Europe Inc. on a steering committee for the London trial and to provide support
for the London Trial.

“Our intended participation in the WEVC London trial
with Qualcomm complements Renault’s European research and development project
involving 10 partners to demonstrate wireless inductive charging of
electric vehicles in a public environment with a high level of performance and
safety,” said Jacques Hebrard, vice president of Energy and Environment
Advanced Projects director at Renault.

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