Renesas Electronics, Ariane Controls and Grid2Home launch smart-charging communication solution

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Renesas Electronics, Ariane Controls and Grid2Home launch smart-charging communication solution

Greentech Lead America: Renesas Electronics, a provider
of semiconductor solutions, Ariane Controls, its powerline communications
partner, and Grid2Home, its Smart Energy profile partner, announced the launch
of the SE-CPM evaluation and development platform for communication between
Electric Vehicles (EV) and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE).

The availability of the platform is important as charging
EVs in a controlled and smart manner to minimize disruption to the electric
grid, and to balance the load on the grid as much as possible is vital.

This requires communication to be established between the
car and the charger and between the car and the utility. The new SE-CPM
platform pairs Renesas’ V850 MCUs with Ariane Controls PLM-1 core and Grid2Home
SE2.0 software to facilitate this communication.

For vehicle authentication and billing purposes,
communication must be established with the utility company. The EVSE can act as
a translator moving the smart energy messages to the home area network (HAN) to
the meter. The car can be used as an energy source during outage or extreme
load conditions.

“The SE-CPM can transport either Smart Energy
Profile 2.0 messages or J2847 DC Charging messages. It has all the features
offered on our PLM-1, but at a 1.9MHz frequency, so it is optimized for
communications on the control pilot line of the standardized J1772 connectors
used by the electric cars. With it, we can offer the automakers and the
charging stations manufacturers a development platform for them to continue
testing and evaluation of potential communication means for next-generation
electric transportation,” said Mario Lepage, head of automotive
development at Ariane Controls.

Activities are underway to integrate Ariane IP and
associated analog circuits within Renesas MCU silicon in the near future to
increase integration and reduce the number of peripheral components required to
implement a system.

“With our partners at Ariane Controls and Grid2Home,
we can provide a complete, low-cost solution running SEP 2.0 based on our
32-bit V850 MCU,” said Hiroaki Kaneko, general manager of Automotive
Systems Division, Marketing Unit, Renesas Electronics Corporation.

“Through the collaboration between Renesas and
Grid2Home, we provide a solution for OEMs looking to design and evaluate the EV
charging protocols,” said Rick Kornfeld, CEO of Grid2Home.

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