Ronn Motor launches pilot program for H2GO Hydrogen fuel injection system

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Ronn Motor launches pilot program for H2GO Hydrogen fuel injection system

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Ronn Motor Company announced a new pilot program for H2GO Hydrogen
Fuel Injection System with Roadhouse Transportation.

Ronn Motor
is signing a pilot program with Roadhouse Coach to perform road tests of H2GO
Hydrogen Fuel Injection System. The program will generate fuel efficiency and
emission data on a daily basis as the H2GO system operates in a real world

clients include Bruce Springsteen, Shania Twain, The Dave Matthews Band and ZZ
Top to name a few. Roadhouse can undeniably claim their part and credit for all
the recent innovations that have occurred in the last 35 years in the entertainer
coach industry.

believe the installation and implementation of our H2GO System on a Roadhouse’s
premier Prevost XL coach will have a material impact on the operating costs
they are incurring today as well as a significant reduction in harmful
greenhouse gasses and other emissions,” said David McGee, CEO of Ronn Motor Company.

Ronn Motor
Company will be able to develop a comprehensive pilot program that enables the
company to fine tune performance parameters for over-the-road and marine
applications. The data and subsequent programs enable the company to mass
produce units that will deliver the optimum performance for both increased fuel
efficiencies and reduced emissions.

Ronn Motor
Company is specializing in the creation and delivery of innovative green
products and related technologies through green systems and green oriented
engines for both transportation and fixed platforms, located in Houston, TX.

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